Asterisk PBX

IP PBX: Enterprise Class Phone Systems

An ip pbx system allows for internal business phones to be interconnected as some sort of phone network. An ip pbx also connects to external phone lines through different types of trunk lines. Network M.D. can help install and configure an ip pbx system that is simple and includes just internal phones. We can also help your business with the setup of a pbx with advanced features such as voip services, office phones, mobile phones, remote office branches, home offices, and much more.

  • Call forwarding
  • Call parking
  • Remote & home office
  • Follow me
  • Voip, analog, digital services
  • and many others ...

Why does my business need a IP PBX?

  • Room for growth (from 2 employees to hundreds)
  • Lower pricing of long distance services.
  • Optional low cost of voip lines.
  • It will run with your current network infrastructure.
  • Professional features (makes your business look big!)
  • Multiple phone vendors available
  • Multiple telecommunications providers supported
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